(it rhymes with cock)

I have a penchant for international travel. My most recent getaway was to Greece!

I love to be spoiled, so let me spoil you :)

I LOVE to laugh. To me, having a sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. My humor is the only dry part about me.

I hate sitting still, and I have a very cyclical mindset. This is a fun outlet for me to ease my restless nature and to express myself creatively. Pleasing a man is truly an art form.

I consider myself to be very fashion forward, and my friends would describe me as being very trendy. However, I grew up pretty conservatively and I know how to dress (or undress) appropriately for any time and place.

I am 5'7, naturally slender, and always between 110 and 115 pounds. My cup size is 34C (all natural).

I have been told more than once that I am high maintenance, but who cares what my exes say. I take it as a compliment because I insist on being perfectly groomed at all times.

I enjoy getting to know people and unwinding with a nice glass of wine or Champagne before I take you home.

I do have a BS, if that matters to you. I know that's probably not the real reason why you are here ;)

I prefer to communicate via email:  msveraecco@gmail.com